Radar mobilizes the best people to help you reach your goals. We want to talk to you if you want to strengthen your company’s market position and grow its value. Do any of these questions sound familiar?

Experienced business owners like you know that growth is a signal to either build capacity among the existing team or to recruit experienced management. However, you worry if revenues are growing fast enough to cover the new costs.

RADAR/REBoot is the platform for companies and entrepreneurs to reach higher levels of success and prosperity.  Have easy access to senior-level experts who will understand your organization’s unique situation and will do what it takes to help your company achieve performance goals.


Ready to Expand? We are growth experts ready to do what it takes to help our partner-clients tackle the following:

Radar will help your company navigate your market access challenges to improve customer access to your products and services.

Whether your company aims to create new products or technologies or to or to grow the distribution of existing product/service lines we can help you. Radar/Access helps companies achieve a high level of adaptation to the culture and regulations of our new location.

Perhaps your company is considering launching a joint venture with an eye to the following: market entry, risk/reward sharing, technology sharing and joint product development, and conforming to the government regulations. Other benefits include political connections and distribution channel access that may depend on relationships.

Or perhaps a modern form of strategic alliances that is becoming increasingly popular is more along the lines of your team’s objectives: How do cooperative alliances for the purpose of capturing new markets (or to remain competitive) function?

The Radar/Access platform can help you with launch implementation and execution, manage your risk and sell your product or service to North America.


We are invested in your success. Radar/PE exists as a platform for us to purchase an interest in trusted client companies that meet Radar’s criteria. We share the burden of risk and – when the time is right- join our partner clients in reaping a return for our collective effort to strengthen and grow your company.

Does your founding team have multiple challenges to contend with that are turning into real barriers to growth? Do you know what you need to do to for your company to keep growing?

Radar/PE not only offers growth capital investments but hands-on, expert execution to tackle obstacles and accelerate growth.  When we combine your expertise in your industry or sector with our domain experience, your company flourishes.

Radar knows how to best scale your company because we’ve been there: Like you, we have built companies from the ground up. We want to help founders accelerate the transformation of their companies by serving as co-pilots using our expertise and experience to ensure substantial growth while increasing the managerial capacity of founding teams.

We understand that you need alternatives and we have the flexibility to customize our investment to meet your objectives. We make minority investments in growing businesses and support the management team as we would in any other partnership – with strategic advice, acquisition strategies, access to capital and more.