At Radar

We are bound together by the desire to create, build, and make real differences in our work. We share a powerful belief that we should not settle for mediocre, “why not” strive to be the best, “why not” build powerful brands and “why not” work at an organization that lives the values we believe in?

Managerial Excellence - RADAR Endeavour

Managerial Excellence

We at RADAR have had careers where we have worked within, interacted with, or observed, many companies and organizations. The operating environments, markets, and managerial styles of these companies all varied, but one critical commonality emerged. Progressive, thoughtful, disciplined management practices were widespread within the top performers.

Building Organizations - RADAR Endeavour

Building Organizations

By working with RADAR, management teams improve their ability to execute for the long-term, ensuring sustained success for company’s post-engagement. Companies who work with RADAR improve their ability to execute with less risk, saving time and protecting not only their firms’ reputations but also the reputations of associated organizations and stakeholders.

Driving Growth - RADAR Endeavour

Driving Growth

RADAR as “operator” and “co-pilot” joins management teams by filling gaps in skill and expertise. Because RADAR works with teams as co-pilots, we provide just-in-time assistance to business owners and organizational leaders ensuring goals and critical milestones are achieved.